Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Beach Shack-Corong Corong El Nido Palawan

We drove from Puerto Princesa to The Beach Shack, in Corong Corong in El Nido, Palawan, for the fist time and it was such an enjoyable drive. It took about 5 hours from our place in Luzviminda, Palawan.

Here is an updated photo of the Beach Shack, May 8, 2016
The Beach Shack
They have grown since we were there!!

If you are a tourist, you fly into Puerto Princesa, and can hire a van (quite expensive unless you share) or take a commercial RoRo bus, in which case it can range between 650. to 850. php. The Barangay of Corong Corong is just outside the city of El Nido.

We got to the Beach Shack and the views took my breath away. The views of the karst limestone islands were truly spectacular from anywhere in this cove. The Maremegmeg Beach, where we stayed in the cove was so clean and the sand was baby powder fine.

The building on the left is The Beach Shack. They have cottages (small white building, upper left) you can stay in which are clean and they all have little private terraces. They are very comfortable. The Café is only a few steps away and you are on the beach in a few seconds.
You don't have to stay in the cottages, to enjoy their beach front as long as you order food or drinks from them. They serve cold beer, cocktails such as piña coladas, as well as delicious fruit slushies. The Beach Shack cottage rooms are spacious and clean, each with a little veranda. Although because everything is run on generator, there are no hot showers.  The good thing is that they do run generators 24 hours a day so there is constant electricity, unlike some places in El Nido where they only run the power a few hours at night.
This is early in the morning at The Beach Shack Café. The place starts getting full of foreign tourists around 10AM till 5PM. It's not a place to get away from the crowds. You will have the beach to yourself before and after those times though. Being a morning person that was fine with me. If you like to mingle though and you're in your 20's to 30's, you will have lots of others your age to mingle with.

The Beach Shack Café. Left and right are the three beach cottages.

This is the sunset from the Beach Shack the first night we were there!!! Spectacular and magnificent are the two words that come to mind when I saw it.

Just a friendly reminder...there are NO ATM MACHINES in El Nido and they don't take credit cards, so you need to bring enough cash to last your stay.

This is after 10AM! Lots and lots of young tourists in their 20's to mid 30's.

The views are nothing short of spectacular no matter what time of day. The karst limestone islands are beautiful.
We went in January when it is windy. This is right in front of the Beach shack. It's lovely to see the play of light on the islands at different times of the day.

I haven't been to other beaches in El Nido, but I don't think you can beat this one at the Beach Shack! Try some of their frozen fruit shakes or delicious cocktails! We sure did.

The Beach Shack Resort has a Facebook Page. Check it out.

Contact Cell is: 0917 518 0529

Monday, January 12, 2015

Coopers Beach Resort

Coopers Beach resort rooms. Click photo to enlarge.
We stumbled upon this place looking for a friend a little further up the road. Our daughter was with us and she wanted to swim in a pool because the waves at the beaches were too strong for her to swim in.

We had eaten lunch at the previous resort so we asked how much would they charge us to just let our daughter swim. They were very nice and accommodating, after first making sure we would watch her and that she could swim, since there was no lifeguard and they didn't charge us anything.

We didn't spend the night since we live an hour or so away but I thought I'd post for those who want an off the beaten track adventure. It is quite out of the way, so Coopers Beach resort  is more for those seeking a peaceful place. It's about an hour out of Puerto Princesa city and off a dirt road..so it's not easy to get around if you want to go elsewhere.

I must say though, they certainly had a very good set of diving get and supplies for rent.  The room I saw was clean. Apparently though, if you like hot showers, there are issues which you can read in Trip Advisor. But it shouldn't really stop you if you like a quiet place.

I have read mixed reviews on Trip Advisor from the guests who have stayed here and they run to most excellent to horrible. It all really depends on what you want or expect on a holiday.

If you want to stay there, I suggest reading the mix reviews and then contacting the owner or manager to get things right for you. The gardens are pretty and they have a bar set in a coconut grove on sand. There is no beach to speak of but there are beaches close by.

They were very nice to us though.

Km 50, Barangay Lucbuan
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Email: coopersbeachresort@yahoo.com
Contact nos: +63 912 5411 398 or +63 915 7428 571
Website: http://www.coopersbeachresortpalawan.com/en/

Here is the review page on Trip Advisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com.ph/Hotel_Review-g294257-d2554053-Reviews-Cooper_s_Beach_Resort-Puerto_Princesa_Palawan_Island_Palawan_Province_Mimaropa.html

The restaurant at Coopers Beach resort.