Friday, April 29, 2016

Day of dolphins underwater in the Sulu Sea - 04-29-2016

Another amazing dolphin encounter. I can't believe my luck. Enjoy!
There are tour operators who can take you out. They start at 6:30 AM from Baywalk. We have our own boat so we can go out whenever we want and we only live minutes away from where they are.

I am not affiliated in the least with the people below. I just copied it from my Facebook wall. Give it a shot, it's so worth it to see dolphins in their own environment.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

10 things every tourist in El Nido should know

Pristing beaches by responsible tourists
Marimegmeg beach, Corong-corong, El Nido

Or how to be a responsible tourist to keep a sustainable Tourism industry for years to come! This is great information posted on Facebook by Art Café, El Nido. I thought it's good information to share.

1. El nido has 45 islands with over a hundred white sand beaches, many lagoons, limestone cliffs, caves and long stretches of fantastic beaches on the mainland.

2. There is beautiful marine life with a rich bio-diversity.

3. The reefs are very fragile and it requires no touch, no step on and no throwing of anchors. Underwater photography need to be extra careful, not to damage.

4. Some areas are difficult to get in and the conditions can be challenging. Sometimes rough seas can make it more difficult. Make sure you are able to cope with these challenges.

5. No one should leave trash behind and everyone should pick up washed up garbage. Don't leave lunch leftovers on the beach such as rice, meat bones, fish, and crabs.

6. The town is underdeveloped with no water system. Water is not safe. Stick to purified water available in containers and in restaurants.

7. There are no sidewalks and streets are narrow. Everything is in walking distance, so do not use Motorbikes or transports within the town when not really necessary.

8. There are no parking areas for motorbikes or other vehicles.

9. There is no commercial bank (yet) and the only 2 ATM's are often out of money.

10. Help avoiding excess Garbage, by refilling water bottles, avoiding take out food in styro/plastic boxes, don't use straw, bring a bag with you always and say no to plastic bags.

Thanks for helping to withstand the challenges El Nido is facing and keeping the paradise pristine.

The beach shack on Marimegmeg beach, Corong-corong, Palawan