Arena Island - Narra Palwan

One of Palawans' best kept secrets is Arena island in Narra, Palawan, Philippines.  It is a 4 hectare island off the coast of Narra.

"The untouched beauty that surrounds this 4-hectare island-resort will astonish as you bask in the solace of the luxurious casitas and pavilions. The majestic reefs, waters, and biodiversity beyond then provide both an arresting complement and contrast to the fine amenities and services. Graciously blessed with all the quiet and comfort heaven will allow, the resort itself is already a complete getaway experience. Apart from this, the island was designed with eco-tourism in mind, committed to preserving the Pawikan, the Philippines’ native sea turtles. This paradise island, located in the coastal municipality of Narra, captivates effortlessly, especially for guests in need of peace and enriching scenery. " is how they describe the island on their own website.