Kapangyan and Lalatuan Waterfalls Bataraza

These photos make the falls look delightful. I haven't been there myself so you are on your own. Here are directions from the chap whose photos I have ask permission to use, and who has been there, Dhong Mhe.

If you don't have your own vehicle: 
"From San Jose terminal take bus or van bound to Rio Tuba...tell driver to drop you by Kapangyan, Malihud, Bataraza: there is a signage Kapangyan falls (although you can only see it ahead if you're travelling from south since it is only facing south)...from that spot take a 1-2 hrs hike to Kapangyan falls....additional 1 hour if you want also to see Lalatuan falls......just ask locals...they're friendly enough to give you directions or even accompany you."

This is an off the beaten track adventure. Bring everything you will need for the day as there are no services at all there. Please do pick up any garbage you bring in to keep is pristine. Also, we always carry extra trash bags to carry out trash others have left as well to keep natural areas as pristine as possible. Let's all be responsible tourists and respect all nature.

Down river from Kapangyan falls.

Lalatuan falls is another 1 hour hike from Kapangyan falls. They all look very worth the trip.

Falls next to Lalatuan 


  1. Thank you for this post. I'll be visiting it this April as side trip to Balabac.


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