Tourists be aware- Palawan is being destroyed to accommodate you

UPDATE- May 30, 2015

COAL FIRED PLANT APPROVED! But the fight is not over till it's over. Sign this petition to ask higher powers to rescind the permits.

To accommodate tourists who come here for the pristine beauty and wildlife, Palawan is literally being raped. Forests are being cut for building materials, as well as rivers, rife with life. A coal fired plant is being shoved down our throats with lies upon lies.  Be a responsible tourist. I have listed the agencies you may contact so you can write to them with positive suggestions. Tourists if you come here, make sure to make your voices heard so you will not be the cause of it's destruction. Tell hotels to put in solar, and water harvesting solutions. We are already rationing water!

This company wants to put in an Ocean Park in a protected bay in Puerto Princesa.

Otters and other environmental species live in this bay called Turtle bay, and renamed Kamia Bay by a developer...the name is an anacronym of the names of three of their daughters. They want to put in Manta rays and captive imported dolphins!! The water is brackish from the fresh water estuaries flowing into the bay. Only recently a day old otter was a victim of human encroachment into Turtle Bay, aka Kamia Bay!  Dogs from immigrant fishermen making homes near or on the mangroves in this bay, killed the siblings of the otter pup pictured below. This little guy was given to me to try to keep alive. He was maybe a day or two old. He was a real fighter but his little body just could not survive without his own mother's special milk, which is contains 6 times more fat than cows milk. He died after 5 days.
A baby otter killed by domestic dogs from human encroachment into their territory.

Seven seas corporation proposes to put captive whale sharks and dolphins view from guest rooms in Turtle bay/Kamia bay. This will totally destroy the marine sanctuary and the whale sharks will die. This is a very shallow and brackish bay! The whale sharks and captive imported dolphins will all die.
The river pictured below is continuously raped to harvest rock and sand to make building and roads without proper environmental studies. You come to Palawan to see it's pristine beauty and wildlife, but the very beauty is being destroyed to accommodate you!
This was our favorite river to go to, it's just 8 minutes from our home. It is now raped for gravel, rock and sand to build tourist hotels.
Forests are being raped of hardwoods to put of exotic huts and resorts.
Photo by Demto Anda - A combined enforcement team led by Supt. Benjamin Acorda on the way to Naglayan Island on 10 Apr. 2015 to serve two search warrants to the Sunlight Ecotourism Resort. The mangroves surrounding the resort were raped and white sand from other beaches was brought in to fake you all out to it's "pristine" beauty!
Photo by Demto Anda - That this beach used to be a mangrove area till it was covered with white sand and planted with coconuts. The all done by Sunlight Ecotourism Resort. the Eco in their company name is a joke! Disgraceful. The white sand you see is from another beach with white sand that they raped to put in in there for you tourists.
Wildlife is being poached and sold to the illegal wildlife trade for food or as pets.

The Palwan pangolin is being poached out of existence before people even know it was here.
It is THE single most poached animal on the planet now to feed the palates of Chinese and Taiwanese. They think the scales have medicinal value. The are made of Keratin, the same as your fingernails. Tell them to eat their own fingernails instead!

The icing on the cake of horror, is a planned Coal fired plant in a barangay in Narra.  You can sign this petition to try and help stop this.
You can read more about the issues surrounding the planned coal fired plant at this link:

What YOU can do to stop this!

Write to our local agencies and tell them you do not want a commercialized Palawan that will compromise it's natural beauty and wildlife. Make POSITIVE suggestions for change and what you would like to see happen instead!
Here is the ordinance declaring "Kamia" (a fake name) a protected area: READ IT.  It's really Turtle Bay also known as Binunsalian bay.

23% of all species in the Philippines live in Palawan.