Noa Noa Island

I just got back from a fabulous holiday on a private island in Taytay, Palawan, called Noa Noa Island. The owners have it fixed up for those who wish to experience its native grandeur to which they have added a wide variety of flowering trees, shrubs, and vines.  The creativity and master craftsmanship put into every detail and nook and cranny of the island and its buildings are superb. The main villa called Kamagong house, was their home for 7 years until they built themselves a cottage higher up on the hill. It is an eco-friendly place. It is run by solar power, supplemented by generators which you never hear.

Here is what the owners have to say about the haven on their website, "Imagine NoaNoa Private Island as your Palawan private island rental. NoaNoa includes six distinctive environments for your enjoyment and is surrounded by a 70-hectare tropical coral reef, teeming with marine wildlife. When you rent NoaNoa Island, only you (and guests invited by you) will be here. Six unique bedrooms in two beautifully crafted guest houses are available for you and your guests. Each bedroom includes a king-size bed and a private bathroom. NoaNoa Island can accommodate 12 guests at a time. With your private island rental, everything is included. Spa, snorkeling gears, non-motorize beach toys, bar service, boats, and breakfast in bed—all amenities are included during your stay. Our hospitality staff will be here to make sure your tropical island vacation is as perfect as it can be. During select weeks, NoaNoa bedrooms are available for individual bookings. All amenities are available to guests booking as individuals at an a-la-carte rate."
A guest house with 4 suites. 

When you first arrive at the sturdy dock, you see at the bottom of a forested hill, a guesthouse that houses 4 well-appointed bedroom suites. I was already quite happy thinking this is where we would stay, but the owner kept walking along a well-made cemented path through the forested foothills with the sea in view on our left at all times. We turn up a wide walkway, wide enough for a golf small car to go up a relatively steep incline up and around a bend again and then you come upon a humongous building to our left, clad in many kinds of flowering shrubs and vines and trees. This was the Kamagong House we were given, their own previous home and the best of all the accommodations! It is grand in every way possible and simply takes your breath away given that the views from it are more like a surreal painting of a perfect tropical scene. From the tall ceilings, to the use of multi-grained woods, some inlaid and wist mosaics of mother of pearl or cobalt blue tiles, to the sprawling view of the green and azure seas to the vast expanse of the living room with channels of water running across the whole room and well made and comfortable furniture, the blue-tiled infinity pool overlooking the bay and framed in lush tropical flora, it all quite breathtaking.
Looking up from path level at the Main or Kamagong house The pool is right behind the curved part of the balcony. When you rent it, it's all yours to enjoy. The curved part of the building is the infinity pool with heavenly tropical views of the sea and forest.
I live very simply in my daily life, for my needs are few, but everyone that truly knows me knows that when I travel or leave my lair, I go for the best of everything. Noa Noa island surpassed my expectations and then some. The best part for me was that we had it all to ourselves, no resort feeling here, I am not a lover of resorts, preferring quieter, private and raw nature. It felt more like my own personal getaway haven.

The snorkeling was truly amazing. The clear waters allowed for good visibility to see the amazing assortment of fish and corals. Some corals were purple, green, white and anemones with clownfish dancing in and out of them. I couldn't even count the variety of fish swimming about. I was mesmerized and could have stayed in the water all day, had my stomach not started to complain about the lack of sustenance.

Everything is exquisite on the island, the well made comfortable furniture, wood carvings, the use of first-class materials everywhere. I could go on and on. The island is not a budget trip. You can go to their website posted at the end of the photos to read all about the amenities offered and the prices of suites, also how to get there. I will just leave you with some photos I took on our trip. If you want privacy, good service, and excellent accommodations, sublime snorkeling, the best of beach life and forest combined, definitely book Noa Noa island. They even have a helipad if you are lucky enough to afford it.

There are no televisions on the island but the internet was screaming fast at the dining lodge. Who wants to watch TV when there are so many natural wonders to enjoy anyway? At night a stroll to the beach, (the paths are lit, but they provide flashlights as well), to look up at the stars would beat any novel in my reckoning. The feel of the breeze on my face, the sound produced by the sea, toes sunken is silky sand, it really doesn't get any better. Or on the deck of the villa, to view the moonlight reflected in the bay and seafoam glistening like diamonds; the whole sky reflected in the infinity pool. It simply did take my breath away.
Entry to the main house or Kamagong house as it is called on their website.
View from the deck of Kamagong house and infinity pool.
Inside entry to Kamagong or main house.

View from Kamagon house at dusk with infinity pool. The serenity at Noa Noa is such a treasure.
Master bedroom at Kamagong house. It has his and hers commodes, an indoor shower with hot water and a cold water outdoor shower, and a hot water stone-lined bathtub outside with a view of the sea. It also has two walk-in closets, cedar lined and a wall at the back of the bed filled with books should you want to just sit back and read.
The reefs are easy to get to and one must be quite careful of not damaging the reefs by brushing them with fins or feet. They are so beautiful but delicate. There were parts of the reef still damaged by cyanide poison fishing but for the most part, the reef was quite alive and thriving. The owners Andy and Chelo Bowers are careful to protect the reefs. Andy also instructed me on such matters to refresh proper care when we went snorkeling.
I'm being redundant, but I was mesmerized! Everything was so beautiful, even the water temperature was perfect. It was sublime, and the beauty refreshed my mind and soul.
Bridge to the helipad; if you are lucky enough to get around in one! No excuse not to go if you do have one. I know that is how I would get there if I could!
Round hobbit-like doors at the spa on top of the hills with magnificent views. The massage gals were not around when we were there, but the wished they were. Such a beautiful spa made of wood and a mosaic column with glasswork embedded. Different rooms for guests. A dedicated room for full-body scrubs.
View of the sea from the spa. I just couldn't get enough of the blues and greens of the water. The forest foliage added to the lush tropical view. All around the island are footpaths, bridges, nooks, and crannies with hand-carved dead root stumps.
There is a fabulous spa at the top of the hill. Be sure to be up for a lot of up and downhill walking. I think a nice addition would be an electric vehicle of some sort to get people to and from the guest houses to the dining lodge house and spa. I am not in the best of shape but I did manage and walk it; all the better off for the exercise.
Meals are served at this dining lodge on the beach when you rent the individual suites. I would have like to have breakfast and dinner at the main house, as the views and the settings are so beautiful, but we didn't rent the whole island and were there as guests, so beggars can't choosers!
Inside dining lodge where the meals are served if you don't rent the entire island.
One of the bathrooms in the Kamagong house.
Outdoor tub at the Kamagong house.
Just a part of the massive living room with a billiard table in the Kamagong house.

View of sunrise from the Kamagong house.
Man-made water feature running across the living room at Kamagong house.
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Noa-Noa Island Beach,

An old stump on the beach carved into an octopus. How creative is that?
Kamagong house living-dining room

The clearest water and amazing corals on the island's reef.

Guests to NoaNoa Private Island can choose to board a seaplane in Manila and glide directly onto the beach, right here at NoaNoa in the northern Palawan, quicker than any other way. Never before has such a secluded place been so close to you. Pack your bags, we are pouring your champagne…

Visit their website for rates and more photos of the other suites. The owners are very accommodating and well-spoken.


A lot more photos and information on their website.


Phone: +63 927 824 8244

Whatsapp: +63 908 895 9075

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